We are the only worm count lab service to offer New members of the British Alpaca Society special discounts when they join. As Alpaca owners ourselves we know how important parasite monitoring is for Alpacas. We have also written articles for the Alpaca Magazine on worm counting for your Alpacas.

We can assist with this giving a fast and accurate indication of the health of your Alpaca Gastro Internal Tract. We work closely with Vets to provide a complete service. We are also experienced Alpaca owners.

Wild wood Faecal Worm Counts give accurate picture of specific Parasites present allowing selection of the most appropriate Anthelmintic. We use species specific testing and all samples are tested for all Endoparasites. Coccidiosis and fluke*.

More Alpacas die through parasite infestation than any other cause, yet owners often find it difficult to spot the signs of infestation.Parasites don’t always present with diarrhoea Barber Pole worm (H.Contortus) can often produce firmer faecal as the infestation is in the stomach rather than intestine.

Faecal tests are available for indiviuals which is always recommended.In addition we offer a composite testing service for up to 5 Alpacas this will give you an indication of the parasite status of your herd to assist in a targeted approach to your worming programme.This is more cost effective for larger herds.

Resistance testing and Reduction count testing also available.

Please  contact if sending composite samples.

*Fluke can be detected in Faecal counts only when the parasite is in the egg laying stage.

Double the amount of sample is required for Fluke sedimentation.Fluke is  automatically tested for when suffiecient sample is recieved.If you have a specifice fluke concern please contact before sending or note on submission form.

A negative result does not always mean it is not present always check if you are in a fluke area or your grazing is particularly marshy or wet .https://www.nadis.org.uk

See below pictures of the snail which acts as intermidiate host and Fluke and rumen fluke.